Discover all about QlickPlay©

Why QlickPlay©?

By using the QlickPlay© methodology, you will improve and upgrade the customer experience to a next level and build a stronger and more involved team.  

This methodology is developed to create more awareness of each team member about their role in the company and to trigger their creativity. 

It is a hands-on professional board game that creates enthusiasm, stimulates creativity and improves the engagement of teams in small and medium-sized organisations. In a playful way, your team will come up with innovative ideas to upgrade your customer journey and business.  


How did QlickPlay© start?

QlickPlay© is a methodology developed by Master Certified coaches who have acquired years of experience in the business world, as well as building and upgrading their own business over many years. 

As a business leader you have to manage your team day-in day-out and you understand the importance of keeping your team at their best level and having an aligned team. At the same time, your customers also need your full attention.


QlickPlay© is a professional game developed to support and improve the success and progress of your business, together with your team.  By creating and realizing innovative ideas together with your team, you will create more involvement and ensure a faster and more successful implementation of these ideas. 

Our QlickPlay© team

Chantal Smedts

MCC Coach

Game developer

Nathalie Dierckx


HR specialist



Yana Smits

QlickPlay© Partner

Anna Potorska

Polish Accreditator