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Research shows that people develop and grow   fastest during play 


Welcome to QlickPlay©

QlickPlay© is a professional game designed for SME's, growing businesses and teams. It is a game developed by Master Certified Coaches to optimize business processes, better define and understand roles, optimize collaboration and stimulate creativity. 



for companies

QlickPlay© is thé game to create new and innovative ideas together with your team/company in order to grow to a next level in your business. 

QlickPlay© helps companies and teams come together and view their organization and way of working with a critical eye. It is a hands-on game to be used during team meetings to optimize business processes, better define and understand roles, optimize collaboration and stimulate creativity.



QlickPlay© Master

At the start, a QlickPlay© Master will guide you and  your team, to facilitate a continuous productive flow in order to maximize the development of everyone in the team.

Become an Accredited QlickPlay© Master and support teams, SME's and growing businesses to innovate their customer journey, improve their team communication and take their business to the next level.


The importance of play as a tool for development.. 

Research shows that people develop and grow the most while playing.

Learning and developing through a playful method is the pre-eminent method for people to work together, communicate effectively, interact and accomplish successes as a team.

Strategic games have scientifically proven to stimulate and improve brain activity. The activity of playing a game together also creates a strong dynamic amongst the participants to inspire each other,  to improve and develop their skills and ultimately stimulates an increased involvement in reaching goals together. 





As a QlickPlay© Master your role as a facilitator supports organizations to stimulate and improve the collaboration and communication to facilitate the growth of the team.  

With a  QlickPlay© accreditation you can broaden your customer portfolio and deliver concrete added value for each SME while growing your own network and optimizing your financial results.

As a QlickPlay© Master you guide and coach companies towards an optimal result of their QlickPlay© session so that they can collaborate more effectively and efficiently, grow as a team and upgrade their performance.  

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